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  • If the owner(s) of the interment rights in a cemetery space is/are deceased, it will be necessary to clear
    the title before those rights can be sold.
  • If your name appears on the ownership document as Grantee, and you are a surviving owner, click here
  • If the owners are deceased, please read the following instructions for how to present the necessary information to clear the title to the interment rights.


From CHAPTER 4, PROPERTY RIGHTS, Article 1, General Provisions:

§8603 Descent of Interest in Interment Plot

If no interment is made in an interment plot which has been transferred by deed or certificate of ownership
to an individual owner, or if all remains previously interred are lawfully removed, upon the death of the owner,
unless he has disposed of the plot either in his will by a specific devise or by a written declaration filed and
recorded in the office of the cemetery authority, the plot descends to the heirs at law of the owner subject to
the rights of interment
of the decedent and his surviving spouse.

The heirs at law are determined by the California Probate Code, Division 6, Part 2, Chapter 1, regarding
Intestate Succession. Simplified, the descent of interest is as follows:

    1. surviving spouse and children (if deceased, grandchildren, etc.; if none, go to #2)
    2. parents (if none, go to #3)
    3. brothers and sisters (if none, go to #4)
    4. nieces and nephews (if none, go to #5)
    5. aunts and uncles (if none, go to #6)
    6. cousins

Please provide the names, addresses and marital status of all of the heirs at law. If any of the heirs are
deceased and leave heirs, please provide the same information for them, eg.:

  1. Example - spouse, children and grandchildren:
    • Mary Brown (widow), surviving spouse
    • Bill Brown (single, never married), son of DECEASED OWNER
    • Jane Smith (married), granddaughter, daughter of Mary Smith, deceased daughter of DECEASED OWNER

  2. Example - siblings, nieces and nephews:
    • James Black (divorced), brother of DECEASED OWNER
    • Thomas O'Brien (married), nephew, son of Mary O'Brien, deceased sister of DECEASED OWNER

  3. Example - uncles, aunts, cousins:
    • John White (married), uncle, brother of George White, deceased father of DECEASED OWNER
    • Mary White (single), cousin, daughter of Charles White, deceased uncle, brother of George White, deceased father of DECEASED OWNER
In all cases, be sure to give the exact relationship of the heir to the deceased interment rights owner, naming
also the relative through whom the interest passed.

We will require a certified copy of the death certificate for any deceased owner not interred at or cremated by Inglewood Park Cemetery.

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